Enthusiasm =/= Success

I am a horrible cadet.

Despite how much I try to be more enthusiastic, I am still , when it boils down to practicals-  useless. I can’t even tie my boots the correct way, let alone tie knots for a tent. I can’t polish my boots well, I can’t get my uniform down,I can’t memorize drill commands,I can’t do anything well without screwing up, apparently.

I am already in Secondary 3 – standards worse than a Secondary 2 , have I no shame?

Boots , I’ve polished for hours and produced no shine, always ending up looking for the nearest bottle of instant polish. Does it even work? Or am I applying in a futile attempt and hope it shines, when I clearly know that it would not even sparkle? Not a glint of light nor a smooth, glimmering coat would be seen – it does not work. So why bother? Is it the placebo effect of telling yourself,  “I have tried”, when in fact you could have tried even more?

Uniform, a simple action of placing a bunch of pins in the right locations. Why is it that I can’t ever get this right? Is it some kind of a memory lapse, causing me to forget where to place each badge and button , how to position everything and how NOT to mess up? Scoldings acquired – aplenty, but have I really, ever brought any of these into heart ? Have I really changed significantly? Change , yes. Great change – is it a positive ‘Yes’, or a resounding ‘No’?

I realised that being enthusiastic alone doesn’t mean success. No, enthusiastic is the basic drive behind which you push for success. Like a well-tuned Ferrari, Enthusiasm is the key component towards starting the car- the acceleration pedal, so the speak. But what defines a success from a failure is the driver- the turns and decisions he makes while driving – the skills and attitude needed in NPCC , which can’t simply be obtained by slamming the pedal to the floor.

Enthusiasm does not equate success.

Pass me the markers, and maybe you won't have to die.


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