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Classification shoot this Thursday.

Quite anxious, really. Despite scoring perfect marks in the shoot last year, I still feel worried. Why?

  1. Last year, all 16 bullets were fired at 9 metres, whereas this year only 8 will be at 9 metres. The other 8 bullets will be fired 15m away from the target. With 9 metres, I already had a bunch of bullets dangerously near to the 3 point area. To get into Shooting Competition (gasp. I have a goal.) I need all 16 to be in the 5 point region.
  2. The past 3 Dry Practices (shoot without bullet) I screwed up the ‘first-pressure second-pressure’ sequence, accidentally misfiring 3-5 times in 48 shots ( We were given 32 shots, but I took the liberty to shoot more.) This might cause me to lose my aim.
  3. My aim is screwed up apparently. My fear is that I would not be able to align the front side to the rear side on the actual day itself.
  4. This is probably doubly stressful due to the fact that my Marksman Badge, my tiny glimmer of hope of getting the pinnacle of all NPCC awards  -the SPFNPCC badge (Highly unlikely , but one can dream , right?) and of course, any chance of getting into the Shooting Competition – lies on Thursday’s shoot.

Well, I should really be studying for tomorrow’s Chinese test right now. Feel tempted to splurge $28 on a full box set of Mushishi I found at a certain MRT station….

At least I know that even if I screw up, I won't screw up this badly.


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