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My self-imposed 3-month torture of watching EVERY episode of B Gata H Kei -and writing a review for each – continues. If I succeed, I’ll allow myself to buy anime-related stuff again. A good compromise – saves my money and boosts my pain threshold.

Birds of a feather.......

So Yamada’s friend, Miharu, has apparently experience in the special nightly arts. Well then, Yamada attempts to get it on with Kosuda through one of the most long-used and famous methods in Anime – an ecchi swimming pool scene.


So she meets Miharu’s boyfriend at the swimming pool, and lets her mind wander. The rest of this section is all the classic ecchi scenery you can expect from B Gata H Kei, except for the slide, she thinks she has won his heart, but proven wrong when Kosuda hugs Miharu’s boyfriend when they go down the slide- out of sheer fear (it appears that he’s afraid of heights.)

After watching this part of the episode, I had come to terms with an astonishing truth.

It isn’t an anime about a slut, nor is it an anime about someone wanting to get laid.

You see, I realised that Yamada isn’t a slut,she thinks she’s one. As a result , she attempts to act like one, continually trying to seduce Kosuda purely to lose her virginity. However, who she really is and who she thinks she is are completely different. In the end, she falls in love with Kosuda – or better yet, she was unknowingly, in love with him- from the very start.

Which brings us to the 2nd half – “Rival”.  The appearance of a childhood friend, who beats her hands down in well, size.

If she was a slut, she wouldn’t care if Kosuda wasn’t “pure”. If you ask me, she just fears that Kosuda is in love with Maya instead of Kosuda having done it with Maya. Which basically says that she wants to be Kosuda’s girlfriend. Simple as that.

Turns out that Maya was actually in love with Kosuda. Well, thanks to Yamada’s helpful advice which makes her her actual rival, this shall get interesting.

There. Through this perturbed attempt to save money and increase my resistance, I found that I enjoyed watching this episode. This is bad. I’m slowly being converted to the dark side.


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