Let our torture begin.

I made a bet with myself. And I intend on fulfilling the bet, no matter what damage it does to my senses. I don’t even know why I’m trying to torture myself.

What is this bet? What is the bet that would probably result in my ears melting? My eyes bleeding?

Yamada - wants 100 casual sex partners, yet knows nothing about sex. Not that I know anything, of course.

I intend on watching ALL of B Gata H Kei. Yes. That anime where the main character can’t decide between being a slut or being a normal schoolgirl.

I watched the debut episode lately, and already I felt my insides writhing inside of me.

“100 fuck buddies”- Am I supposed to suffer through 12 episodes of watching this character be a slut? And not a good one at that too-  her psychology seems to be f*cked (Pun intended) up. One minute she tries to have sex with everyone she sees (Introduction to others :” Are you a Virgin?”) and the next she runs away when she sees a boner (which is the opposite, no?)

Maybe it’s just what they intended, I don’t know. Despite being a healthy male (heh.) the idea of a slut going around trying to screw every boy she sees just doesn’t sit well with me. It simply does not appeal to me – and these anime are probably aimed at the boys, no less!

I think I’ll feel the same thing as the last time I was watching Kanokon. The female leads eternally trying to rape this innocent (virgin) boy who looks (and probably is) 10 years old? Every episode with about 19 minutes of the females attempting to seduce this innocent (virgin) teenager? And what, a total of 10 minutes of actual plot throughout the entire anime.

If you're so lustful, Google is your best friend, girl.

So basically, she wants to have 100 casual sex partners in high school, yet she feels that her genitalia looks weird and thus , is afraid of her partner (if she ever gets any) and thus, starts looking for someone to aid her. Yes. Basically, it’s the stereotypical “pervert sex-crazed male teenager” type of show – genderbender’d.

I’m gonna review every episode of this. It might turn out really funny after all, if I keep my hopes up.


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