21st Century Einstein

Math Test ended today. Well, can’t say that I expect much out of the test, I think I will get a mediocre grade,  but that alone is self-sufficient.

Nothing much I can talk about here though.  Perhaps the last question was too much of a  giveaway, seeing that it could be solved for one variable (out of 2 variables required) in 2 steps. Maybe it was intended, maybe it was a flaw in the question. But,after I asked around it appears that no-one else saw that as a solution. I’m either a genius or the biggest idiot in the class.

Well, it’s just week 3 and already two major events have passed (major in academic impact, anyway.) I feel both incompetent and yet, I feel enlightened as well. Both at the same time. I think I’m a 21st Century Einstein.

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