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Tempus fugit .

Time flees me. Literally. I lost my watch. So my parents bought me one (even though it wasn’t really necessary…) Well, it’s by the same maker (G-Shock) so it has exactly the same function and programming -which is good. However,the … Continue reading

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Let our torture begin.

I made a bet with myself. And I intend on fulfilling the bet, no matter what damage it does to my senses. I don’t even know why I’m trying to torture myself. What is this bet? What is the bet … Continue reading

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21st Century Einstein

Math Test ended today. Well, can’t say that I expect much out of the test, I think I will get a mediocre grade, ¬†but that alone is self-sufficient. Nothing much I can talk about here though. ¬†Perhaps the last question … Continue reading

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The first page of the story

Prelims just ended today. And the picture is apropos to the judge’s responses. Well, maybe it’s just me. It seems that my group’s project lacks a creative edge. Which, of course, I have to humbly admit to. To be blunt, … Continue reading

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