ab ovo usque ad mala

Hello, and welcome to Ambivalen’s maiden post.

I decided to attempt to restart my pride and joy over at Blogspot…in WordPress.


Why restart : Blogspot isn’t a great blog site, despite the name. No-one will find you, or leave any comments. I like comments. QED.

Why Ambivalen?  To put it bluntly, everything else was taken.

There will be no fanciful, intellectually-challenging posts on this blog. Nor will there be any abstract, artsy prose, and there shall be a total lack of world-changing discussion. There shall also be absolutely no word about how melodramatic my life is, nor will there be any hint of sarcasm in my posts, until further notice.

I shall not attempt to improve my intellectual appearance by phrasing simple phrases in a sophisticated demeanour and I will probably make a fool of myself a few times in the process of blogging.

Without further ado, I now declare ambivalen.wordpress.com : Open.

R.I.P, Valen-ce-electrons. I never liked chemistry anyway.

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