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Strangely Addictive No.3

Gotta do late-night revision, burning the midnight oil for chemistry. So I’ll just leave this here for now: ..and if you liked this post it’s because my little sister wrote it.

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Flight of lunacy – it’s too late to regret.

I am a bastard.

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K-On!! 4 -Yet another “filler” episode?

..since my reviewing posts tend to be kind of bland if I do it episode-by-episode, I’ll just do a review for some anime instead. The episode is about the HTT going on a field trip with their class. While some … Continue reading

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To compare apples with oranges

…because I don’t pay proper attention during School. So, being the immature person I am… ..I brought it home.

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Farewell… I know we don’t really know each other, but you were an interesting companion, with interesting blog posts to read from time to time…I’ll miss your blog. That spammer should burn in hell >=(

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Strangely Addictive- No.2 THAT LAUGH. Been busy for the past few days, probably will be busy for the rest of next week as well. Examinations are around the corner, probably won’t be able to do much blogging…

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Fighting for the rights of 2D children – instead of helping real ones Evangelion in fact includes scenes of masturbation and similar, meaning it would likely fall squarely within the remit of the ban – Tokyo would thus legally require Evangelion DVDs and manga to be sat in the adult section along … Continue reading

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